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Normandale Community College
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  Student Employment News


Welcome to the Normandale Community College off-campus employment site. Employers list jobs on this site because they have a positive view of Normandale, so be sure to let them know you are a student here!

Note: We have a section for internships. Click on 'Advanced Search' and scroll through for Internships. For additional help contact Job Placement @ 952-358-8628



Note: Many jobs qualify for college credit under the Cooperative Education program.  See Wanda Kanwisher.

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Whether you hired a Normandale student into a FWS or regular off-campus job, the Federal Government requires us to know. Follow this link to fill out a quick form online.

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Contact us with your questions, suggestions, or concerns!
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Submit Off-Campus Job Request   Submit a Job Post
If you would like to post a job, use the above link. You can choose how long your job posting will be actively listed. The job will automatically be taken down after that chosen time. To repost an old job or to post a new job, simply go into "Submit a job post" and provide the information. Students will be advised to contact you directly, so please leave clear instructions for how to apply.